At first glance, you might think that Paul Baron’s photographs are documents, or images taken from the New Topographics show of the mid-seventies, but they are not that at all.  Paul’s focus is on the familiar architectural spaces of our daily experience – shopping malls, walkways, parks, roads, intersections – the interface of domestic and commercial activity. He celebrates these places that we pass by every day but go unnoticed.
In his photographs, he isolates, distills and frames his subject to draw you into his precise visualization of space. With his keen sense of geometry, he transforms the ordinary into concentrated spaces of balance and order. Even the side of a department store attains perfect equilibrium as a row of red shopping carts anchors a wall with curved and straight lines. Or a patch of carefully planted shrubs forms an oasis against a metallic wall of silver and taupe. Each image stands on its own, fully realized and complete.
Paul Baron received his MFA from the Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY.  His works are in major collections such as The George Eastman House, The Getty Museum, La Bibliotèque Nationale, Paris, and others.
Paul L. Baron, 2018
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